Huttner's Tierpension
Sandbergweg 22
64331 Weiterstadt

Fon +49 (0) 6150 53297
Fax +49 (0) 6150 50254

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Tierfreunde e.V. Frankfurt

Opening hours:
Mo-Fr 10-11 and 15-18 hrs
Sa 10-14 hrs

Closed on Sundays and public Holidays.
Please observe our business hours in any case!


Our animal cannel has been established in the 1970s and is a completely family-run business, located directly in the outskirts of Gräfenhausen. Unlike other Animal cannels, we live and work with our fosterlings, which means, your pet will not have to serve its time in small cages.

Our primary goal is to provide the best experience for your pet during his or her stay with us, while giving you peace of mind that your pet is safe, happy and healthy. Therefore the animals are shepherded by always the same persons - because there are no continual draft of personnel, your pet is able to come to trust.

If necessary, we have an "on call" veterinarian.

Since more than 60 years we are adept at working with animals and since over 45 years we conduct our animal cannel - this long lasting experience comes in useful to our fosterlings.

We are based in the Rhein-Main-Area, which is easily accessible by every Autobahn. Close to bigger cities like Frankfurt a/M (approx. 25 km), Wiesbaden (approx. 40 km) & Darmstadt (approx. 10 km). Most of our customers come from our proximity of round about 100km, but it isn't rare to welcome customers from cities like Munich, Krefeld, Berlin or Halle also. Sometimes we get reservations from Moscow, South Africa or other countries as well.

Due to the fact that round about 80% of our customers are steady customers, you can experience not only the friendship between us and them but also between us and their pets day by day. You can tell that they're as happy as at home - with the difference that they're getting more action over here.

It goes without saying that all of our animals get an individual and lovely care and response, as well as share of kindness and affection to the highest degree. That's why visits are unnecessary and - in the sanitary behoof of your per - not allowed.

Our slogan: happy pets - happy customers!

In our business hours you are always welcome!

We would be delighted to welcome you in our establishment!